Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CodeRush Express : Free

DevExpress has just released a new version of their Visual Studio .NET add-in tool namingly "CodeRush Xpress". This version is Free! Some features refactorings available in this free versions :

  • Increase or Reduce Selection
  • Quick Navigation Window
  • Quick File Navigation
  • Duplicate Line
  • Highlight All References
  • Compress to Lambda Expression
  • Compress to Ternary Expression
  • Extract Method
  • Convert to Auto-implemented Property

Of couse all of them has been around in Resharper for quite some time now. Call me biased, but IMHO it doesn't come close to Resharper features, but doesn't cost you a dime to use! Also, not providing lots of feature and being small could be a good thing. any ideas?

Grab the installation and more information here.
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Rory said...

The Xpress version may not come close... But the full version reaches and surpasses at speed.

AFAIK Resharper has no Community Edition

Hadi Eskandari said...

@Rory : Actually, I tested the complete version a while ago, but I didn't feel comfortable with it! But I gotta admit that Resharper is getting so huge that sometimes opening a .Designer file crashes my IDE! I wish they allowed switching some features on / off to gain some speed.

Rory said...

>I wish they allowed switching some features on / off to gain some speed.

Agreed entirely... this would help everyone. I am currently evaluating Resharper for my own use, and while I'm finding some small bits here and there... my main impression is somewhat conflicted.

On the one hand I like the lightbulb popping up to suggest different potential improvements to my code... On the other hand it seems to constantly be distracting me. I cannot tell if it's actually found something that I should do or if it's suggesting something entirely optional.

However I feel that there are entirely too many keystrokes to memorize.. I would like someone to publish a blog post which leads me through the first 5 most important keystrokes... Perhaps then I could start to explore properly.

You don't fancy that do you ?

Hadi Eskandari said...

Sure...won't be a problem. I'll have a post on it around the week-end.

pdfoxy said...

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